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By Ken MacDonald • 

The reviews are in, and the McLauchlin Park remake is a hit. If it were an Amazon product it would have 4.5 stars. If it were a movie, it would be two thumbs up. If it were a middle school lunch, it would be eaten and not thrown. 
The City can be proud of the project. It’s gotta be a good feeling for the City Council and the staff to see the kids on the equipment, the walkers on the track, the families hanging out in the shade. 
Maybe there’s more to come. At the most recent meeting of the City Council, City Manager Dennis Baxley proposed a park advisory board. This, he said, would help the City get some grants for another project waiting in the wings—the development of a pond the City owns behind Unilever. Just a short walk from downtown, families could bring a pick-a-nic basket (to quote Yogi Bear), and enjoy another great park.
I’ve been to some places that are people-unfriendly. No parks, no sidewalks; you’re forced inside. Those places are anti-life.
On the other hand, I’ve seen what green space, outdoor activities and attention to those who want to walk and bike can do for the human spirit. 
One famous park features a shallow pool about half the size of a football field, where children can check out (like a library book) small sailboats, place them in the water, and watch them sail. The kids are occupied, the parents aren’t; it’s a beautiful, colorful scene.
(Maybe Raeford could have its own version?)
Kudos to the City for working on McLauchlin and Robbins Heights parks. Keep up the good work.

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