Woman on ATV spoils veterans hunting program

Home News Woman on ATV spoils veterans hunting program

A local effort to help veterans enjoy hunting is facing problems after a woman on an ATV apparently caused damaged to the property, according to Hoke resident Seth Waggoner.

Waggoner and his group work with veterans’ organizations across the state to connect with veterans and help them get to participate in hunting trips. They had leased property in Hoke County in preparation for deer season this year, only to have ATV riders tear up the property.

“Somebody went out there and snatched our gate out of the ground,” Waggoner said. Someone tore up the handicapped parking area on the ATV, and did other damage as well. The total damages over the last 90 days cost about $3,000, and it’s caused a setback to the efforts.

“With stuff like this happening it’s kind of putting a hindrance on it,” Waggoner said.

They’ve checked with people in the area, but so far no one has come forward with information. Waggoner even captured trail cam video of a woman on an ATV damaging the property, he said.

Waggoner contacted the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office, but said that so far, nothing has come of filing several reports on the problems. For now the group can’t schedule any hunts until the property is repaired.