Severe storms a possibility early Monday

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Severe storms a possibility early Monday
(Graphics are GFS model depiction of forecasted weather at 2 a.m. Monday, and Weather Underground’s forecast summary.)

The National Weather Service says there’s an “enhanced risk” of severe storms crossing the area as a cold front approaches. 

"While damaging straight-line winds with gusts of 60-70+ mph are the most likely hazard, tornadoes and large damaging hail are also possible. If a scenario unfolds in which discrete cells develop ahead of the main squall line, given the aforementioned shear profiles, we can`t rule  out the threat for a few strong tornadoes with longer-than-usual tracks.    While there is some disagreement in the suite of CAMS with regard to the timing of the main squall line, it generally appears that the severe thunderstorm threat will shift east of central NC by the afternoon hours Monday.”
The NWS recommends having a way to receive audible notifications while you sleep tonight in case storm alerts are required.
"As we`ve been highlighting, residents of central NC need to be
prepared for this severe weather episode tonight into Monday morning  and it`s worth urging folks again to have a way to receive severe  weather alerts that will wake you up while you`re sleeping, and be  ready to quickly move to your storm shelter if a warning is issued  or if severe weather approaches, since high winds and tornadoes are  the main concerns with this severe weather event.    It`s also worth noting that as the low level wind field increases  and WAA promotes low level instability and mixing, we could see non-  tstm winds (ahead and outside of the aforementioned storms) increase  and become rather gusty this evening into the overnight hours.  Non-  tstm wind gusts of 30-40 mph may be common during this time.”

In its hazardous weather outlook, the NWS says:
"A line of thunderstorms will move east across the forecast area
late tonight into early Monday. Widespread wind gusts between 35 and  50 mph are expected both within and around those thunderstorms,  lasting through midday to early afternoon Monday. The most intense  storms will be capable of producing damaging wind gusts up to 70 or  80 mph, and also isolated tornadoes. The time of greatest threat will  be between 3 AM and 10 AM Monday morning”