Letter: President and his supporters are delusional

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To the Editor:

I would like to respond to the attacks on Mr. Huff in today’s paper.

Firstly, know ye by the company you keep, and the candidate you support.

The fraudulently elected individual in the White House has shown nothing but disdain and contempt for the U.S. and her people. From day one, he’s alienated this country from allies, and cozied up to Russia. In the process, he’s made the Country weaker. While he’s the titular chief law enforcer in the Country, he’s done nothing but try to tear down our democracy and the rule of law.  Because of his hatred for and envy of Obama, he’s tried to tear down everything the former legally elected President enacted.

In short, if we could have sought out the worse, least competent, most egotistical, most delusional, racist, misogynistic individual to be the leader of the free world, we exceeded our wildest dreams.

Trump’s disdain for this Country could not be more evident in how he has mishandled this pandemic from day one. The so-called daily briefings are despicable during such a time as this. Everything is a show; he’s playing to the media (which has been his number one enabler broadcasting his reality show), and supporters like the one who replied to Mr. Huff’s opinion.

Bible toting, scripture quoting and flag waving supporters of his are camouflage used to justify cruel treatment of children at the border, not caring about the least among us, and dividing this country. Trump is not patriotic, and clearly not God-fearing. The only god he worships is himself.

The entire world knows Trump is mentally unstable. And yet he has (I’m assuming) reasonably intelligent people drinking Kool-Aid from an idiot. How have we gotten to this point? Oh, I know, we just had a biracial president before him.

It’s time to stop talking about Trump, and delve into how vacuous one’s soul has to be to support and worship a delusional, pathologic narcissist and liar.

I end as I began: know ye by the company you keep and the candidate you support.

While I am a retired physician, you don’t have to be medically trained to see this guy has created his own world, and his own reality. The proof is simple: in a normal world, lying on average of eight times a day, and either not knowing it or doesn’t care, is delusional.  When you hear someone who’s run from every military uniform he’s seen, declare he knows more than the generals, that’s delusion. And when he intimates he knows more than the doctors and scientists advising him on this pandemic, that’s delusion of grandeur at its finest.

I pray everyone is safe during this time. Pray for those affected and please pray for this Country.


Calvin McNeill, MD

Las Vegas, Nevada

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

formerly of Raeford