Letter: And what does Kool-aid have to do with it?

Home Opinion Letter: And what does Kool-aid have to do with it?

To the Editor:

In answer to the article you had on poor people, my father was one of 12 children, born in 1918. Today would be considered dirt-poor farmers, they were farmers who raised everything they ate. Those were hard times. The boys worked until they could either share crops or go in the service. After he got married he went into textiles until World War II broke out and he worked in the shipyard, and when the war was over he went back to textiles and worked a few beehives to help. When I was 12 he was only making $45 a week. We did not know we were poor, we never went hungry or undressed.

Mother told of whole families who came to the door during the Depression, and grandmother always had biscuits in the oven warmer. She would make gravy and feed the whole families and give them biscuits and homemade jelly to go with them.

Neighbors looked after each other then. There was no government handout as it is today. I wonder how many today would share and take care of family and friends, like they did in that day?

We were taught to love and respect everyone no matter what color or race or religion affiliation they were, or denomination or political party. We were not to judge anyone else.

You and Calvin McNeill MD have caused me and others to question why you think we are idiot Kool-Aid drinkers—what has that got to do with anything?

It is plain to see you question my being a good citizen for not hearing both sides of the story in politics. How do you know? Are you a mind reader?

In being poor I am the oldest of seven children and I feel you think I am not a person of integrity and dysfunctional.

I worked as a secretary until I bought my own florist in Raeford and ran it for 30 years until I retired. I was very respected and had a good reputation. I wrote a book of history of Tabernacle Baptist Church, which I have minutes from 1896 to 1957.

I also wrote a book called “Little Johnny goes to Bible School,” and have had three book signings. I am writing two more at this time, and do motivational speaking.

I have taught Bible School for 62 years and have taught all ages. I was teaching third, fourth and fifth grades when this COVID-19 broke out. I am 81 years old and I have been on life support three times.

All of our grandchildren are well-educated, all have respectable jobs and none of us has ever smoked, drank or been in trouble with the law. I am very proud of my children.

I question your sense of responsibility as an informed citizen to not hear both sides of the story and most concerned about them both.

And you still question my integrity. Again I bring up Kool-Aid. I can’t figure each time I read that what is has to do with us being an idiot.

You state to stop writing about President Trump, and how dysfunctional and vacuous one is to support and worship a pathological racist narcissist and liar. The one who stated he would vote for a jackass is the one to question.

And the company you keep and the candidate you support—what makes you right and me wrong?

Again, I don’t judge either of you, but you seem to think it seems that if you are not a Democrat you are stupid.

Please don’t judge me again. Pray for me and I will pray for you.


Claudyne Brock