Letter: At least 43 percent of us don’t like Huff’s rantings

Home Opinion Letter: At least 43 percent of us don’t like Huff’s rantings

To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my disapproval of Mr. Huff’s “opinion” on political matters. Now he is certainly entitled to his right to voice his opinion, but by printing it you are validating his opinions. Likewise, it is your right to not publish his rantings.

I subscribe to your paper to get news, information, upcoming events, etc. As such, if the President does something wrong I would expect to see it. Likewise if he does something right I would expect to see that also. I do not enjoy seeing week after week someone’s that has elections with donkeys and frogs, express his opinion when it is mostly if not totally wrong.

Consider this: There are as of 2019 55,234 people living in Hoke county. In the 2016 election 43 percent voted Republican. That is 23,750 people that don’t want to see Mr. Huff denigrating the President of the United States.  I’m not sure how many are subscribers, but it probably wouldn’t be a good business model, especially for a newspaper, to alienate any of them.

Otherwise I enjoy your newspaper and have two suggestions:

1. I would like to see an Over The Air (OTA) TV schedule.

2. It would make my day (once a week) to see some comics.

Delbert F. Martin

Lumber Bridge

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