Letter: Feel sad for the President, happy for the Pates

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To the Editor:

Re. President Trump: I was aware of him for some years prior to his “running for President for the fun of it.” And like many, hoped he never would. He was a playboy, and a not very good businessman, except for filling his coffers, but basically turning his attempts at business into fiascos. Certainly not presidential material. Also his uncouth language— yes like the man on the street—was a turn-off. The people who lived in the areas that would give him the electoral votes really surprised me for their lack of insight into the man.And later, when his oration changed with the wind so as to please his followers, I again was stunned to hear him called a Christian, this being the reason for their vote. Also I learned that people who detested businessmen with the identical characteristics as the President, could see it in them, but not in the President. Wow!With our electoral system, however, I predict his reelection. Might I be as wrong now as I was then predicting his run would come to naught.Yes, for a long time I have prayed that President Trump accept Christ into his life.I do feel sad for the President and his current path.Regarding your article on the Pate Brothers, I had hoped you would print something when I became aware of their show. As the only GAL volunteer for many years in late 80s and into 90s here in Hoke County, I had their father, Judge Pate, as the sole judge for some years. He was great to work with. I was sorry to see him retire, but his successor also was cut very much of the same cloth.Maybe you could find out what happened to Judge Pate once he moved to western North Carolina. 

Renate DahlinRaeford

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