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To the Editor:

Sunday was my grandson Archer’s fifth birthday, and of course, we could not have the party his parents had planned for him. What we did have was even better, a day where family and friends drove by to shout happy birthday from their cars, waving signs from their windows, and popping up from sun roofs to celebrate with us. Neighbors strolled by to offer their birthday greetings.

To put the icing on the birthday cake, at 5 p.m., the Raeford Police Department performed a police car parade, complete with lights and sirens, around town and to Archer’s house. I know it took time, effort, and a great deal of thoughtfulness to make that happen; it was a spectacular finale to a day full of reminders that this community cares about one another. We felt loved and important. Thank you, friends and neighbors, and thank you to the Raeford Police Department!

Anne MacDonald


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