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To the Editor:

I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the family of George Floyd here in Hoke County and elsewhere.

1) The police officer, who held George Floyd down, knee on neck, has rightfully been arrested. Charges have been upgraded to 2nd Degree murder. Those officers with him, who made no attempt to stop the homicide, have been appropriately charged. Court evidence alone should determine the facts. Sentencing should be based entirely on court evidence. These policemen are lawbreakers.

2) Every convicted looter, rioter, vandal, and arsonist involved in riots in N.C., and around the country, are also lawbreakers. They should be arrested, tried, and if found guilty, sentenced for their crimes. These are NOT protestors: these are criminals. The First-Amendment, free-speech rights of peaceful protestors must be protected.

3) Young people—black, white, others—do not follow the “organization” Black Lives Matter; shun the leadership of professional, paid, political agitators and anarchists. Yes, some anarchists are involved in this movement.  Follow, instead, your pastors and civil rights leaders who practice the philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr. (non-violent civil disobedience, educational and spiritual growth, hard work).  Embrace shining black role models here in Hoke County – Sheriff Hubert Peterkin – lawman extraordinaire, who rose from welfare to become the best sheriff in NC!  Respect State Rep. Garland Pierce, who fights for black, white, and Native American lives in the NCGA every day. Look to honest, honorable minority businessmen and businesswomen.  They excel.  Follow gospel preachers, who serve the Lord, who minister to their people.   Honor law-abiding parents, working hard daily to provide for their children.  The fair policemen and all good citizens should be your heroes.

4) Red, yellow, black, Native American, and white can work together to solve racial and societal problems. Reject all violence! Violence delays civil rights!

 Barbara Richie Pond



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