Three SandHoke grads share this—they’re now lawyers

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Three SandHoke grads share this—they’re now lawyers

Caption: Fowler, Ledlow and Lewis

Katelyn Fowler, Kyle Lewis and Alexis Ledlow have four things in common. They all attended and graduated from SandHoke Early College High School. They all earned an associate’s degree during their high school journey. And they all have completed law school, assed the BAR exam the first time, and are all now lawyers.

Katelyn chose the University of North Carolina at Charlotte while Kyle and Alexis both attended University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Katelyn graduated from SHECHS in May 2014, completed UNC Charlotte in December 2016 and entered Campbell University for law school August 2017. Her brag wall includes four degrees.  “I remember when I started SandHoke back in 2009, people considered us smarter, somehow more gifted than the peers we had spent the previous nine years yet; somehow we were looked at as coming into high school with the tools we needed to be great.” Katelyn will quickly contradict that perception, stating that was never the case. When she looks back on her high school education she says there are lessons that were more valuable in her journey far more than anything else.

“At SandHoke I learned how to succeed. I may not have studied the way I needed and I may have been an underachiever who didn’t see the need to put forth much effort, but I was surrounded by staff of educators who knew how to pay attention. The relationships at SandHoke are the reason I succeeded in Law school. SandHoke taught me what is meant to hold myself accountable and how to advocate for myself. Most importantly, SandHoke taught me the value of community and the value of giving back.”

Katelyn is currently practicing real estate law in Fayetteville.

Kyle, who also graduated in May 2014, stressed he firmly believes attending SandHoke was integral to him achieving his dream of becoming an attorney.

 “The rigors of attending an early college high school prepared me to overcome obstacles both inside the classroom and in the real world. While the mantra of SandHoke is to ensure all students become ‘college ready,’ SandHoke also prepares students to be ‘life ready.’ Successful completion of the early college program requires accountability, integrity, and discipline –three values that are the very foundation of what it is to be an attorney. SandHoke prepared me with the necessary skills to overcome adversity and to remain persistent in the pursuit of my goals.”

Kyle entered UNC Wilmington in 2014 and completed Law School at North Carolina Central University, graduating this May 2020. “Because of SandHoke, I am able to call myself a licensed attorney in North Carolina.”

Kyle is currently in private practice as an associate attorney in North Carolina. He hopes to remain active in his community making a positive impact through his legal career.

Alexis Ledlow graduated high school at 17 in May, 2015. She graduated with a baccalaureate in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics at 19 from UNC Wilmington and completed her law degree at the University of San Diego School of Law at 22 this May. Today she is a lawyer. She shares that Sandhoke put her years ahead in her education. Additionally, high school activities that included competing on the Speech and Debate team helped solidify her choice to pursue a legal career. “My favorite experience from high school was the mock United Nations we held. I loved learning about different countries and negotiation from different perspectives.” Currently, Alexis has not decided what area of law she will specialize in, but she is pursuing a position in the Raleigh-Durham area with a goal of doing in-house corporate counseling.    

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