‘Whose Line’ star Mochrie sends special message to Hawk Eye Elementary

‘Whose Line’ star Mochrie sends special message to Hawk Eye Elementary

By Catharin Shepard • Staff writer • Hawk Eye Elementary got their very own personalized hoedown from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star Colin Mochrie, after a teacher at the school arranged for the actor to give them shout-out.

Patty Sandt, a fifth grade teacher at Hawk Eye Elementary, used a popular app to hire Mochrie to record a special encouraging message just for the school. The video message delivered Friday spoke to the teachers’ hard work through the pandemic.

“Patty tells me that you guys are the most amazing group of people, who are working overtime to make sure that students are getting the very best in these times. Let me just say I admire and respect what you do,” Mochrie said in the video message. “I know this has been one of the most anxious times I think in certainly our lifetimes, and it’s people like you trying to make some sort of normalcy along the way. I doff my hat to you and thank you.”

“Here’s hoping 2021 is just a year. You know when it’s finished you can just kind of go, oh, is it over already? It was so pleasant, nothing much happened. Let’s hope that happens,” the comedian said in the video.

Sandt said she came across the idea of arranging the message for her fellow teachers as a gift, while she and her daughter were tossing around ideas of how to bring a smile to the Hawk Eye Elementary staff.

“With everything that we have going on, I just see how hard my coworkers are working. My daughter and I were looking online at different gifts and we saw that they have an app where you can have celebrities make videos,” Sandt said.

Sandt said she’s a huge fan of the long-running improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and settled on Mochrie out of the available celebrities, because she enjoys his sense of humor.

“He’s so funny, I love him…he seems like such a caring guy,” she said.

Mochrie reprised a familiar feature from the show in which the comedians perform a “hoedown.”

“Hawk Eye Elementary, this hoedown is for you. When Patty sees you coming, she just shouts ‘yahoo.’ I hope this little hoedown gives you quite a lift, because Patty spent $5,000 on this gift,” Mochrie sang.

(The actual price for a message from Mochrie isn’t quite that expensive, according to the Cameo app.)

Celebrities have seven days to record and provide the personalized message, but the comedian had the video ready later the same day Sandt requested it. She shared it to the rest of the Hawk Eye Elementary staff Friday, and has gotten lots of emails and texts about the gift.

The message served as a little “pick-me-up” for the school, and for Sandt too.

“I’ve probably seen it four or five times it makes me smile every time. It’s perfect for right now,” she said. “That’s really ultimately what I wanted. I wanted them to have a moment where there were no worries and no cares, just something for them.”

Hawk Eye Elementary Principal Hayden Simon said the teachers loved the video.

“Everyone was so excited. I think it meant the world to them,” she said.

Simon described Sandt as someone who goes “above and beyond” for others. The fifth grade teacher sits on the school’s improvement team, is the head of the “Hospitality Hawks” and serves as a student tutor. She’s also involved with supporting the Hawk Eye Elementary Beta Club and Battle of the Books.

“She really just has a heart like nobody else,” Simon said. “She’s always thinking of how can she improve morale, what would mean a lot to people.”

The Cameo app, available online at the website https://www.cameo.com, offers personalized messages from hundreds of actors, musicians and reality stars.

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