Driver escapes from wreck that submerged car

Home News Driver escapes from wreck that submerged car

A driver who apparently lost control, ran off the road and crashed into Rockfish Creek managed to escape the vehicle which became fully submerged in the water.

The accident happened on the 7000 block of Fayetteville Road in East Hoke Friday afternoon, while heavy rainfall was passing through the county. Puppy Creek Fire Department firefighters confirmed they were called to the scene of a motor vehicle accident and responded to find a woman standing by a bridge, gesturing to where a car had gone off the road, through the tree line and into the water.

Responders called for water rescue, and a team from Fayetteville arrived on the scene. Two water rescue-trained personnel went into the water and hooked the vehicle to a wrecker truck, which was able to remove it from the creek. When they got the vehicle out of the water, there was no one inside.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol was later able to locate the driver, who had apparently escaped and was safe, according to first responders who were at the scene.

A call to the Highway Patrol in Aberdeen determined that the accident report was not yet complete as of News-Journal deadline Tuesday.

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