County contracts with litter pickup service to deal with roadside trash

Hoke County leaders recently approved a contract with a service provider that will pick up litter on some of the county’s busiest highways.

Greenway Service LLC will perform roadside litter pickup along Highway 401, Highway 211 and Highway 20 in Hoke County, according to the contract. The one-year contract will run from July 1 of this year to June 30, 2022. In monthly payments, the county will pay the company up to a maximum of $200,000 for the work.

The contract specifies the company will provide two crews four days a week, working eight hours a day, to provide services at the different locations as needed. Additional roadside pickups or other work will require a different quote and added to the invoice in addition to the agreed-on payment amount, according to the contract.

Littering on the county’s roads has drawn many complaints from citizens in the last few years, including letters to the editor of the News-Journal and statements during the public input sessions of the county commissioners’ meetings. The board previously hired a company to do litter pickup to try and combat the problem, and held a county-wide community cleanup day with volunteers cleaning the roadsides.

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