Adoptions on hold at animal shelter over parvo concerns

The Hoke County Animal Shelter announced Monday it has put adoptions on hold until further notice due to a concern about possible parvo infection.

“Attention: dog adoptions will be closed until further notice to monitor the animals in care,” the shelter said in the announcement on Facebook.

Director Scottie Luckie said the shelter had a stray dog die and are concerned the animal had parvo. The adoptions are on hold while staff keep an eye on the other animals at this time.

Due to concerns over the spread of sickness, volunteer hours are also on hold. The shelter is understaffed right now, the animal control agency noted. The department apologized for any inconvenience, and hopes “to be back up soon.”

The shelter is still taking in animals at this time. The shelter is in need of wet cat food and dry dog food.

Parvo is an infectious virus that can be spread between dogs through contact with their waste. Dogs and cats can be vaccinated against the illness. Parvo in cats is also known as panleukopenia.

The shelter is located at 353 CC Steele Road. The phone number is (910) 875-4827; the animal control number is (910) 875-4148.

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