Hoke High student arrested for bringing a weapon on campus

By Catharin Shepard • Staff writer • A Hoke County High School student was in law enforcement custody Tuesday after an anonymous tip warned school officials that the student planned to bring a weapon to campus.

Hoke High Principal Dr. Thomas Benson informed families of the situation Tuesday afternoon through a pre-recorded call about the incident.

“Acting on an anonymous tip this morning, we determined that one of our students may be bringing a weapon from home to school. The quick response of our administrative team and local law enforcement enabled us to intercept the student and confiscate the weapon upon their arrival at school,” Benson said in the message.

“There is no tolerance for weapons on our school campuses and the student was arrested and taken into custody by law enforcement. Thankfully, there were no threats made and no one was hurt.”

Benson noted that out of caution, the school system planned to have additional law enforcement officers on campus Wednesday. The principal said the district is “so grateful” to the person who anonymously reported the student’s intention to bring a weapon to school.

“Please help us reinforce this safety message by stressing how important it is that students let a trusted adult know any time they have any safety concerns. Remember, if you see or hear something, say something,” Benson said in the message.

Any family members with questions or concerns are invited to reach out to Benson or another member of the Hoke High administrative team, he concluded.

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