Fresh off their performance at East Carolina University in the North Carolina Thespian Festival, drama students at Hoke County High School are setting their sights on an even bigger stage: the International Thespian Festival, held this summer in Indiana.

They’ll need some help to get there. Including travel costs, each of the 13 students who qualified to participate will have to pay upwards of $1,200 to attend the event.

This is the largest group of Hoke drama students to qualify for the International Thespian Festival, Hoke High drama teacher Medina Demeter said, and they’re seeking support from the community to attend the special event.

“This is the top level of the thespian competition event,” she said. “We had regionals back in January, and those who got qualifying scores moved up to the state. Those who got superiors there get to go to the international level, which is happening at the University of Indiana, June 18-23.”

The students range from freshmen to seniors. They competed in several categories, including group acting and musical theater.

The drama club students will not only get to compete at the international festival, but can also enjoy workshops and other fun events.

“It’s really an experience like no other. It is five days of the most wonderful kind of theatrical experiences you can imagine. There are plays going on non-stop from kids all over the world,” Demeter said. “You get to take workshops from leading professionals in the field, and performers in the field. You get to see these amazing productions that high schools get juried, and then bring in. There’s all of the competitions, and being able to see kids from all over the world doing what the kids love.”

Last year the district was able to help send three qualifying students to the international festival, and “they had an amazing time,” the teacher said.

To help fund this year’s trip, the students are planning a car wash on April 29, a spaghetti dinner on May 4, and are selling sponsorships and accepting donations.

“We’re doing a bunch of different things. We’re selling drama club sponsorships to put in our program for our upcoming musical, which will be going up April 21-22,” Demeter said.

The students will perform “Seussical the Musical” this season. The two performances will be at 7 p.m. at the MacDonald gymnasium stage, with a $5 admission fee.

To become a drama club sponsor and see all the productions students have been working on this year, visit The sponsors include $10, $25 and $50 sponsor options. The sponsorships come with perks like tickets, free coffee and special VIP seating at performances, depending on the level.

Donors who just want to donate directly can go to to contribute.

Or, come out and help the students work toward their goal at the car wash April 29 or spaghetti dinner sale May 4. See the organization’s website, or come see “Seussical the Musical” for more information.

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