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Candidate for Hoke County Board of Education 2020

1. Please tell voters a little about yourself, your background and experience.

My name is Dr. Deltarina V. Carr, Ph.D. I am vying for one of the two open seats for The Hoke County Board of Education. 

I am the Wife of Rev. Dr. Bishop, Lent C. Carr, II, Senior Pastor of Emmaus Cathedral Church of Raeford, NC, and Presiding Prelate of Greater Pentecostal Assembly Churches International Conference, a native of North Carolina and Graduate of North Carolinas Public School System. 

My Husband and I are the proud Parents of seven Beautiful Children, and six Grandchildren, with one of our children who attended Hoke High School’s Exceptional Children Program (IEP), and two Grandchildren who are Students who currently attend Hoke County Public School System. As a result of my Youngest Daughter and I being testimonials in ourselves’s ( being diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy) that disable Americans who may undergo such impairments can do exceptional things irrespective of uninformed discriminations, educational disparities and undue educational curriculum limitations misguided by those who can only empathize an individualized perceived disability that some view as limitations to a successful and prosperous future post Graduation. As a 24 Year Educator and Specialist with a hands on and Proactive Approach to Advocacy for EC Students and their Parents who sit back and quietly suffer internally year after year the unknowns of their Child(ren)’s overall achievements during and following Graduation, I have fought back for hundreds of Parents and Students against such cynicism as a former Chairwoman for the Bridgeport Ct’s Board of Education Alliance for Community Empowerment Policy and Curriculum Council; not merely as a novice,  who empathizes but rather sympathizes with the expressed notion that every “Special Need” Student can achieve any milestone with the appropriate Leadership spearheading the correct balances as geared towards per pupil individualized (non-limitations) challenging approaches to education. Hoke’s EC Students are not only receiving outdated and antiquated curriculum models that stalls their progress, but in the larger picture of challenging education, most are not receiving life sustaining self-reliance curriculum at all, but for the egregious “building blocks” typology education. This especially amid Covid-19 has caused even greater challenges to our “Special Needs” Students all over Hoke County’s School District. When school systems provide remote educational programming, school officials “must” ensure that students with disabilities have access to the same programming as their non-disabled peers. In this regard, the current Board has failed our EC Students.Moreover, if a child does not receive services during a closure, a child’s [individualized education program (IEP)] team (or appropriate personnel under Section 504) must make an individualized determination whether and to what extent compensatory services may be needed, consistent with applicable requirements, including to make up for any skills that may have been lost. All being violations of The American With Disabilities Act, and that Student’s Educational Right subsumed pursuant to guarantees of our  North Carolina Constitution. This is one of many priorities I plan to tackle as advocating for our EC Students and their Parents when Elected to The Hoke County School Board.    

I am a Graduate of Bassik High School, Bridgeport CT. Immediately following my Graduation I attended Housatonic College, where I studied Early Childhood Development. Thereafter I went on to obtain several Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates Degrees in Sacred Theology; Christian Education; Philosophy; Childhood Psychology; Sociology and Public Administration from Emmaus Theological Bible College. 

As mentioned earlier, having Married a Wonderful and Supportive Husband, a native of North Carolina, I migrated to North Carolina in 2010, and moved here to Hoke County, a County I am proud to call Home in 2016. 

I am a successful Business Owner; Emmaus Corp. Embassy Enterprise Group, LLC, located here in Raeford and Raleigh, North Carolina. I am also the Founder and Director of several Branches of a Mentoring Program nominally known as Sister Circle of America and Repairers of the Breach Outreach Ministries United – right here in Hoke County, Raleigh NC an Bridgeport Ct. I am also the Vice -Chair of The National Congressional Voting Caucus for Human Rights International Organization. Albeit, and most importantly; I am a staunch Born Again Christian who Pastors a Community Based Church, Emmaus Cathedral GPACFB International Church, Headquartered here in Raeford, NC.

I have had the humbling privilege to serve as a former 24 Year Educator. I am the Former Chairwoman for the Bridgeport CT’s Board of Education Alliance for Community Empowerment Policy and Curriculum Council (in whom I’ve been enthusiastically Endorsed by for my run for The Hoke County Board of Education); former Chairwoman for Bridgeport Board of Education’s Advocacy for Parents and Teachers Committee, and former Chair for the Exceptional Children (Special Needs Students) Advocacy Council.

My perspective approach to fostering an innovative and safe Educational experience to our Students here in Hoke County must be done with the SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE IN MIND!” I believe that The Board of Education must be able and willing to work together for the greater good of all Hoke County Schools. Students, Teachers, Parents and Community. 

 2. Why are you running for the school board?

First and foremost as mentioned earlier on; I am not the orthodox candidate that mince words simply to be Elected, nor that candidate who take the Community’s votes for granted simply because of the who’s who power that be Authoritarian and Aristocratic old-political-guard brand in which I believe has awaken a sleeping giant right here in Hoke; yes! You, the Voters who I have heard from by the hundreds that are reclaiming their POWER– their respective Votes for real change that matters!

I am running in part because we need Board Members who will listen to our Teachers and Parents; we need Board Members who will be totally transparent with our Parents, not one that report Covid-19 infections first to the media as was recently done in a spin before directly notifying every parent of such regardless of what School the infections broke out. I also believe, and am running for Hoke’s School Board because I believe that a candidate running to serve must have experience in hands on governance and educational experiences in working in a school system’s class room to understand the enormity of restructuring an innovative 21st Century State of The Art School System…Simply put; I am running because I believe that candidates for any Board should be qualified and experienced to be effective, not placed on our board because of popularity pageantry or due to the ever present who’s who inner circle political club engineered by certain powers that be pushing agendas not for The People By The People, utilizing dark shadowy monies to protect the status quo.

I am also running because I am the only candidate who has worked in school systems in major roles of decision making as a tried and true Independent Thinking Team Player Leader., except the incumbent candidate (by reason of her insider influences that be) who’ve tentatively, worked in the administrative arena whose judgements regarding Covid-19 was wholly spearheaded by politics in contravention to the relevant Facts of Scientific Data. 

Moreover, at a recent Political Forum Hosted by The Raeford-Hoke County Chamber of Commerce, and from the outset of my bid for The Hoke County School Board, I am/was the only Candidate who agreed with the majority who took a Hoke County Board of Education Survey whether to choose one of our capable Governor, Governor Roy Cooper’s carefully crafted choice Plan, Plan A, B, or C; A being a fully engaged 5 day a week Schooling Plan amid Covid 19; B being a hybrid  combination Plan to have in person and virtual schooling, and Plan C; (the plan I believe is in line with the Science ten and now) Virtual ONLY Online Schooling– every candidate vying for the Board of Education were asked which Plan would they have chosen had they been on that current Board, and if they were on the board during that fateful Virtual Zoom Vote how did they Vote? Every candidate chose the out of touch with reality Plan B except me, as I believed then and still believe now that Option C was the better choice to begin with, and then gradually as the climate of rising Covid cases decreased, and the experts had opportunity to get a Scientific remedial solution grip on said virus we then, and only then move to the next phases– Plan B and when appropriate Plan A.

In total, I’m running because I bring over two decades of directly related experiences with Public Schools. I have been a Teacher, a Parent, a Teacher, Student and Parent Advocate Leader utilizing a comprehensive system of fairness to suit the situation; Special Needs Advocate, Mentor, a Member of multiple Educational Administrative Teams, and a Chairwoman of Policy and Curriculum Councils. And last but not at all the least; I am a successful  multifaceted Business Woman who understand the strictures of budgeting matters in the highest regards.

Though I am a staunch Democrat; I understand that by embarking upon a non-partisan Hoke County Board of Education bid, my approach to Governing as a School Board Member will not be swayed by politics; red regions, blue regions, green regions, republican, democrat, independent, nor green party or any other party’s political views. My Elections will not be gender, racial, religious prerogative, nor a rich vs. poor  Governance as Your Elected School Board Voice– to do otherwise is not to be true in my execution for a more perfect Union of inclusion for ALL Hoke Countian’s Students, Teachers, Parents and our vast Community. We are better than that Hoke County. We are one; we will unify, we will bring fairness and restorative justice back to the Mission of our Schools; why? Because we are Hoke County!

3. If elected for an upcoming four-year term, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish?

“A People Without a Vision Will Perish”

As a professional Educational Specialist for more than two decades, Campaign to Elect Dr. Deltarina V. Carr to the Hoke County’s Board of Education is here to pave the way to innovative change in the lives of our Hoke students, parents, teachers and families. My Vision, Priorities and Proposed Policy I plan to introduce and fight for once Elected to The Hoke County Board of Education, respecting my Visionary Framework for Hoke’s prospects of a newly chartered course in a 21st Century innovative system for a better tomorrow for our Students, Teachers, Parents and Community. This Visionary Platform will, upon full execution shatter the glass ceilings that have held Hoke back from our achieving our full potential. But we must surpass outdated and antiquated education models currently recycled by the current Board of Education. It is hereby noted as a matter of full disclosure, my priorities, policies and visions are specifically aligned with, and has been instituted here (to fit Hoke County Public School System) and crafted in part by Dr. Jen Mangrum, (see, https://www.jenmangrumfornc.com/priorities) a Candidate who’s currently vying to head the North Carolina DPI Office who I believe will go on to be our next Democratic State’s Superintendent. My Priorities, Proposed Policy & Visions are as Follows:

Provide a Strong Foundation for All Hoke’s Schools

  • Increase Lobbying Efforts in consideration of per-pupil expenditures to national average to ensure that classrooms across the Hoke County School District has the resources they need
  • Prioritize funding allotted Hoke County Public School’s Budget for a more excellent and innovative 21st Century traditional public school system so as to ensure that they remain the best alternative for our community’s children success beyond Graduation therefrom
  • Vigorously fight to secure a true and meaningful living wage for all school personnel
  • Expand equitable access to digital resources

Expand Equity throughout All Hoke School’s Locals

  • Help Hoke County Public Schools to address the absolute and unambiguous issues of racism and bias that are, and have been an unresolved systemic egregious matters in North Carolina and Hoke’s Public Schools through examining how discipline practices and curriculum negatively impact children and implementing positive approaches like restorative justice, and creating a Parent/Teacher Advocacy Task Force Committee to identify, collaborate proposed remedial solutions per individualized Hoke County Schools, and thereafter present the same before The Elected Board of Education for either vote, discussion, investigation and policy placement throughout all Hoke’s Schools 
  • Prioritize recruitment of educators of both color and white at an equal dimetric of 50/50, as research shows that a diverse teacher workforce benefits students in many ways
  • Ensure equitable access to rigorous coursework such as AP classes and other enrichment opportunities
  • Create a system of evaluating schools that is fair and doesn’t stigmatize children based on their levels of poverty like the current A-F school report card system, including our Special Needs Students who are falling too far behind due to disabilities in which can be more specifically tailored per pupil’s ability for achievement beyond what is currently acceptable in the Hoke County Public School System 

Provide a Strong Pathway for All Children

  • Expand access to early childhood education with a goal of lobbying for provisions of Universal Pre-K in the next five years
  • Reduce class sizes with adequate funding so other learning opportunities aren’t negatively impacted
  • Increase number of instructional teaching assistants to ensure there is one teaching assistant in every K-3 class and one in every two classes for grades 4 and 5
  • Identify and systematically share innovative instructional approaches to early grades literacy
  • Prioritize funding for a curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child including the arts, music, media studies, health and P.E. and newly explored innovative arts
  • Redesign in lockstep with our state’s assessment system so that it measures the skills we most want students to have and yields data that truly informs instruction and improves learning outcomes
  • Strengthen partnerships between the Department of Public Instruction and UNC Colleges of Teacher Education to ensure teacher prep programs are informed by K-12 school needs and improve the teacher pipeline

Provide a safe and healthy school environment

  • Provide sufficient personnel to support the social and emotional needs of students; work to increase the numbers of school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers to the nationally recommended ratios.
  • Expand wrap-around services for students and families, including high-quality after-school programs, i.e, outside sources in our community similarly situated like Sister Circle of America Mentoring and The Repairers of the Breach Outreach Ministries United as spearheaded by my Mentoring Programs established throughout Bridgeport CT, and Hoke County North Carolina, where I’ve served as the Founder/Director since 2000, universal breakfast and support for student health needs through things like dental and vision screenings
  • Increase training of educators and school staff in trauma-informed care to ensure that schools provide a healthy and supportive environment and build resilience in children; further, beyond the walls of our schools, I intend to unwaveringly advocate as the hundreds of citizens voices I’ve dialogued with, that is when I’m Elected to The Board of Education to discuss plans to collaborate with our Elected County Commissioners, Mayor and other state, federal and local business owners to generate funding for a State of the Art Community based Community Center with my fellow Board Members– something that’s been discussed over the past 20 years to no avail, and for our children and parents have become nothing less than a pipe-dream 

Create County-wide Culture of Respect for All Educators

  • Increase teacher pay (where possible) per budget, to the national average (including “Hazardous Pay Bonuses” Due to Covid-19)
  • Provide additional compensation for teachers who earn advanced degrees
  • Ensure benefits package that attracts and retains outstanding educators, including restoration of retiree health benefits
  • Provide high quality professional development for all educators including support personnel
  • Ensure due process career protections for all school personnel
  • Involve educators in the decision-making process for policies and programs that impact their students

4. As a school board member, what will you do going forward to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on students and educators?

Though I have never been a complicit (“a Yes Woman “) thinker when it comes to the safety and education prerogatives of our Students, but rather an independent advocate for every student, parent, teacher’s rights for transparency and addressing the hard questions of the day; as a wise student who listens, and a transformative Leader who get things done even with opposition– I can work with other Board Members and and the Superintendent to help Hoke County Schools be the best school district in our region and State. 

This starting with following Science and our infectious disease experts lead for our current unchartered precarious situation in which I, and (per Hoke County’s Survey) the vast majority of Hoke County Parents and Teachers overwhelmingly voted by a whopping 85% count who was surveyed DID NOT BELIEVE OUR CURRENT BOARD UTILIZED GOOD JUDGMENT BY VOTING BY [“VIRTUAL ZOOM”] VOTE to send our vulnerable , and most valuable commodity– our children– back into what the scientific data readily available amid Covid-19 clearly demonstrated that our Students should have never been brought back into a brick and mortar building, but rather Virtual Schooling ONLY until the Scientific Community had a handle on such a dangerous cesspool for contracting this deadly virus, or worse. I will note here, prior to the Board sending our Children back to in-person learning this Fall, what I predicted  (following Data and Science) would happen if we rushed to send our children back into a dangerous “hot spot” brick and mortar, and horrible ventilated building too soon would open the unnecessary door for contractions of this deadly virus. No matter how one attempt to square that Boards decision, the facts are the facts. Teachers have contracted the virus; students have contracted the virus; essential school faculty has contracted the virus, and since the physical school building has been reopened too soon, the virus has begun an increasing rise in new cases right here in our Community per trace tracking data. These are the facts. Should I be elected to the School Board transparency will be first and foremost. I will not (regardless of Board pressures) conceal such important facts from our Parents. Teachers, Students and Community. I will not contact the media in order to put a spin on the matter of newly discovered infections in which t parents, teachers and students should be the first to be personally informed, opposed to finding out about such in an orchestrated School Board’s media spin. As such, I will make this promise to Hoke’s Community’s stakeholders from the outset; once I’m Elected your In-The-Know Change Voice, I will push undeterred to have this matter revisited NOW rather than later. I will introduce policy to correct these enormous derelictions of fiduciary duties as committed by this current Board. Indeed, it is my opinion as I have talked with hundreds of concerned parents, teachers and this community, that The newly Elected Board must revisit this dire matter rationally following the Science and listening to the Parents and Teachers for once. As one who have governed Millions in Budgets (in good times and bad times) on multiple Boards, and as a successful Business Owner, I must say that we can rebuild any budgeting deficits Hoke County due to Covid-19’s unsuspecting major  financial hits, and due to a Federal Government that will not lead the way, however, we can never reallocate a loss life once its gone. One life lost is one life too many! 

“While our nation evaluates the right approach to embarking on the 2020-2021 school year and debates the merits of various reopening approaches, we must not lose sight of the broader moral picture. As Hoke County’s leading faith-rooted Candidate on this subject-matter,  is mobilizing a Grassroots Community of people of faith to advocate for educational equity, The Campaign to Elect Deltarina V. Carr Hoke County Board of Education Policy Committee believes (as was previously espoused in an Article entitled “Five Principles That Must Guide School Reopenings” Authored by, Nicole Baker Fulgham, and Published Aug. 13, 2020) the moral test of our education system is whether we prioritize our most vulnerable students. Motivated by our faith and values, we encourage people of faith to advocate for —and urge decision-makers to embrace — these five principles as schools decide how to reopen:

Prioritize the needs of vulnerable students and families. 

Low-income families are more likely to be harmed by COVID-19 and decreased learning opportunities. The federal government should provide school districts that have more low-income students with additional funding to make up for academic loss during the last school year. If schools mandate distance learning, subsidized child care or emergency paid leave must be available for families with elementary students.To the point, one of our Nation’s Leading Governors who’ve laid out one of the best options in which Schools should consider before reopening in the fall, 

  1. Stabilize public school budgets
  2. Recently Governor Roy Cooper announced that he will use his share of federal COVID-19 education aid on programs such as hiring more school nurses, academic programs for at-risk K-12 students and providing tuition assistance for post-secondary students. The money comes from North Carolina’s share of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, a part of the federal CARES Act.with emergency funding.The pandemic has devastated the budgets of most public school districts, with little emergency financial relief. Our public schools have risen to meet the moment and should be eligible for emergency federal funding. 
  3. Provide all schools with more resources for in-person and/or distance learning. 
  4. The challenges of educating in the midst of a global pandemic require more funding, not less. 
  5. Center the voices of students, families, and educators in decisions. 
  6. We cannot make informed and holistic decisions without bringing all parties to the table. This includes student, family, and educator surveys and feedback sessions, allowing families and educators some choice and flexibility to make decisions best for their situation. Quite remarkably, more than 85% of Parents answered The Hoke County Board of Education’s survey and Teachers and other faculty alike, and the majority of Hoke County Parents and Teachers, taken in a whole were simply annoyed by the current Superintendent and Voting School Board Officials during a Virtual Online Vote had to send children into harms way. We as Board Members are not the final arbiters of our Students, the Parents and Teachers who strive so hard to collaborate schooling solutions are. 
  7. Respect and value educators and school leaders. 
  8. Our educators are heroes. Threatening to suspend teacher contracts or withhold funding from schools that choose distance learning is a clear bright line that we cannot cross.

“With all the important discussion about how and when to reopen schools safely, we are missing a significant need if communities of faith don’t help kids deal with the broader socio-emotional trauma from economic uncertainty, disconnection from school communities, and grief. The rate of loss and death from COVID-19 is staggering and, like so much else, it is unequally distributed along racial lines. Nearly one-third of knowing someone who died of COVID-19, compared to only 9 percent of white Americans. The resulting grief is uniquely complicated, in part, because coronavirus discussions and implications are literally inescapable.”

“I’ve had several Family Members close to my heart who died of COVID-19, and my Younger Sister who is also an Educator contracted this deadly virus from one of her Students she loved teaching and nearly lost her life. Like every other victim’s family, our children and grandchildren had to grieve their deaths in a disjointed and stunted manner. If they had the added trauma of economic or food insecurity, I cannot imagine the extent to which those combined factors would have impacted beloved children and grandchildren emotional readiness for school this fall. Hundreds of thousands of students will bring severe emotional trauma back to school with them —including COVID-19 grief. Faith communities should play a role in advocating that these students receive additional support to process all they’ve experienced.”

“Unfortunately a host of Pastors and churches, community leaders who has a major voice that must be heard are not stepping up to this moral call of Christian and Civic duty. However, and blessedly so, Dr. Deltarina Carr’s Campaign Focus Committee has learned of some congregations who’ve set up virtual counseling centers to support families and children with grief support as they’ve lost family members to COVID-19. Places of worship are offering free virtual tutoring to students. Congregations have organized funds to purchase laptops for students who don’t have technology. And, so far, our campaign organization has seen thousands of our faith-motivated constituents take over 36 advocacy actions in the last few months. They’re pushing their elected officials to prioritize the most vulnerable students during — and after — this pandemic. Our voice and our actions matter.”

“I have worked in education for more than two decades, and I’ve never seen the level of national conversation about schools that I see in this moment. This is an opportunity to reimagine what the education system could look like after or even during COVID-19. It is an opportunity to right historical and systemic wrongs to ensure that all of God’s children receive the education they deserve. I pray that we rise to the occasion.”

“I am prepared to not only advocate visionary change, I’m actively working the work of such even now and following the November 3, 2020 Election.” (Refer to, https://sojo.net/articles/five-principles-must-guide-school-reopenings)

5. Would you support building a new high school? What about other school facilities?

While we have seen and heard the Incumbent, Rosa McAllister-McRae, seemingly to proudly on the Campaign Trail openly admit during The Hoke Chamber of Commerce Political Forum “she and the Board of Education (including Superintendent Williamson) “was allegedly told by The Hoke County Commissioners ‘not to present anything regarding building a new High School,’” (Please see Full Link Video Here: https://www.facebook.com/raefordhokechamber/videos/1505816586472472) such a statement against building a much needed High School here in Hoke is a baffling stance to the conscious mind. If Multi-Millions of Dollars of Taxpayers Dollars could be allocated to construct a “Bobby Wright” Agriculture Building and a Commissioner “James Leach” Recreation future Building, and other pet projects, surely in collaboration with our County Commissioners, the Current Board of Education should prioritize the Construction of a New High School! This is why we need fighter such as myself on the School Board to argue growth, necessity and putting our Student’s needs before things that are not a necessity, and is hindsight a squander of Taxpayers Dollars. What could be more important than meeting our steady growth as new families migrate here in Hoke County– a County that’s growing by leaps and bounds. This is not to negate the fact that our current High School is overcrowded with more than 2000 Students assigned to such a sardine environment. Once I’m Elected to The School Board, that will be one of my priorities during my first 4 year tenure– push the People’s Voices and Demand we put our Children first, and Build now rather than Later a State of The Art High School to commensurate the present growth, and to plan for future growth. Asked the same question should we build a new School, Candidate John Wright, also lost my constituent base and I, especially if he want the community to take him serious as a “financial expert.” There are somethings that are not negotiable. For 20 Years The People of Hoke has called for a New High School. It is obvious time for a change in Governance when we become complacent with outdated status quo vision. In short; I support a New High School, and when Elected will fight everyday until we get the job done. Indeed, I am equipped and prepared to Lead this necessity Call. As Mother Teresa once remarked: “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” That is exactly what I intend to do until we gain consensus for what is right and needed.

6. What do you consider to be “student success,” and what are some ways to improve it Hoke County Schools?

“In schools, it is, first of all, up to educators to create equitable learning environments, and groups such as the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network are compiling resources for teachers and school leaders to do just that. With sound strategies, educators can examine their current environments and shape opportunities for young people to define success for themselves and pursue it”.

“As my own work has moved from research to the translation of research into practice, I have had the humbling opportunity of deeply listening to students. What stands out is that when young people are able to take agency, feel affirmed (their lived experiences, families, histories, cultures, communities), and share power with adults, they thrive. My biggest fear is that we adults don’t actually want to hear what young people have to say. Taking them seriously disrupts our comfort and expertise—and threatens our sense of authority. This is a barrier I seek to build consensus by Team-Building first with The Hoke Board, then Parents and Teacher–and watch what I know to be a proven performance method blossom right here in Hoke County NC, as one of your Elected School Board Members for the 2020 Election. I’ve helped foster such programs and have the withal knowledge in implementing such for a more inclusive agency of think tankers–our very Students.”

“The 2019-20 school year test run with Mentees of my Program in Hoke County, NC, where I live, demonstrated the power and potential of young people. But only for a privileged few as we must begin with the Board of Education in which I’m vying for one of the two seats up for election this voting cycle, then implemented into policy and curriculum form. The Mentees referenced in this post learned to stand beside their teachers during the fall’s hybrid established schooling in the wake and amid Covid-19 challenges. They have navigated a global pandemic. They took to the streets to protest police brutality, they’ve joined others on the right side of history who attended and actively participated on the historic march on Washington as leaders of their own right, and they have organized across the city of Raeford in cluster groups of “Peace Makers” to remove the racial stigmatization of police brutality, and are learning to understand that not all police are rogue in their duties of trust. If we cannot connect the dots between these life-altering experiences and academic success for young people, then it is we who have failed.” Please note: in part, some of this research and work was originally published and utilized by my Research Committee by NicholeWilliams Beechum, first published September 9, 2020 Ed Week https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2020/09/what-happens-when-students-have-ownership-over.html) For whatever else can be said on the subject; our children are only as successful as we permit them to be as independent thinkers who, contrary to popular belief, understands and appreciates what’s really working in their respective lives and education. Thus, why we as the adults in the room must permit our Hoke Students to have a seat at the curriculum table of implementation, while following all relevant North Carolina Laws and directive issued by DPI.

7. Is there anything in particular you would like to change about Hoke County Schools?

It is quite axiomatic that Parents (and I’ve conversed with hundreds) have grown weary with the lack of Transparency when it comes to their Child(ren)’s safety and education, especially amid Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Be it Zoom Meetings, informed on newly discovered Covid-19 cases within pertinent schools, and other matters in which parents and teachers have shared with me in confidence. If I had to answer the posed question in one word it would simply be “TRANSPARENCY!”

8. Is there anything else you would like for voters to know about your views and goals?

We need a true independent Critical Thinker who can guide the way to a new and innovative Hoke County Public School System. One who is not timid and afraid to dissent in order for reachable Board Members to rethink a better tomorrow with fresh Vision Leading the Way. A Board Member who will not be a complicit voter on issues critically important for the growth, safety and balanced budgets of our Schools. Someone who can be the real referee between the parties and the stalemate, or just down right at times angered as a sad hallmark of our school board until one truly do not vote their conviction, but rather vote on a given issue simply to go along to get along for too long. In essence, such undercurrent is not true governance, but complicity.

We need a proven leader and successful business woman who can make the decisions and has dealt with millions of dollars while in business, so they are not overwhelmed when confronted with budgets and cuts. Especially during these uncertain days ahead amid Covid-19’s constant changes in rising cases and mutations.

And we need someone who is willing to donate back their salary and expenses to something which helps the kids. This may prove to be something we can get the entire board to sign onto, to show we are in it for the Students and not a part time plush carrer, or political stepping stone.

That Someone is Your Voice of Change; the voice for the People by The People, that Voice in the competent problem solver persona of Dr. Deltarina V. Carr!



9. If you have one, please provide a link to your campaign website or Facebook page that we can share with voters.

You may visit Dr. Deltarina V. Carr’s Website at: https://www.electdeltarinavcarrhokecountyboardofeducation.com

or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CampaignToElectDr.DeltarinaVCarrToHokeCountyBOE/