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To the Editor: I want to thank the News-Journal for its story “Hoke County Is Drowning in Trash” bringing the litter crisis to the attention of the citizens of Hoke County. I think it is appropriate to also say that the “boots on the ground” NCDOT employees are working very hard to keep our highways and secondary roads clear of trash and other items. I’ve seen it firsthand. Their supervisors are battling funding and scheduling issues, but are out on the roads getting as much done as they can and I am confident that they will continue in this effort. We, as everyday citizens, can join hands with the NCDOT employees in their efforts to keep Hoke County litter free by a few simple actions. First: do not discard our litter on the roadways. Hold it in your vehicle until you can dispose of it properly. Second: pick up any trash that we may see on or near our own property and other places if possible. If you come across an item that is too big or difficult for you to handle, call the NCDOT and they will schedule to have it removed. Third: if you are a local merchant, church or organization, consider adopting part of a roadway and then having a regularly scheduled activity to keep the roadway clear of litter. If everyone does a little, great things can be done. Let’s work together to make Hoke County clean and beautiful for generations to come.
Mac McCarthy Red Springs (Hoke County)

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