Sun Path merges with California company

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Parachuting products manufacturer Sun Path has merged with Rigging Innovations of Perris, California and plans to start making RI products at its location in Raeford.
The companies announced the merger Friday at the First Regular PIA Meeting hosted in Myrtle Beach. The business operations will unify as one company and operate under the Sun Path Products label. 
Sandy and Brenda Reid founded Rigging Innovations in 1985. Sandy Reid is a respected leader in the skydiving industry who got his start in skydiving with his first jump in 1970. He became a rigger in June 1971. 
Reid is most well known for the original patent on the articulated harness and the development of the Telesis, Talon, Voodoo, CPX and CURV container systems among others.
“My wife and I have no children or family who might be interested in continuing our legacy,” Reid said in a press statement. “We have dedicated our lives to skydiving and we couldn’t think of a better partner with the resources and innovation to take our brand and products forward the way Sun Path can. It’s a big day for us and the skydiving industry as a whole.”
Sun Path manager Pat Thomas said he was “thrilled” to have the two companies come together. The two businesses are compatible competitors with “common markets but different offerings,” he said in a statement.
“Sandy and Brenda have built a great company that’s well respected and loved by those that jump their containers. Adding RI’s products with ours strengthens the Sun Path brand and we look forward to the merger being finalized to where all of our processes and procedures are streamlined and become one,” Thomas said in a press statement.
Customers won’t see any immediate changes in the near future, the companies announced. While the long-term goal is to have all Rigging Innovations products manufactured at Sun Path, this transition will be done slowly and deliberately to ensure no disruption of service, a statement said. 
All dealer networks, ordering, service and support will continue as is until further notice. All Rigging Innovations and Sun Path Products designed and manufactured after January 1, 2000 will continue to be supported and produced, the companies said in a question-and-answer.
The companies included a special video produced to announce the merger. The video is available online at