The News-Journal will inform, hell or high water

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We at The News-Journal plan to continue publishing and informing, no matter what, believing it’s even more important than ever.
We’re already publishing frequent updates online at, a site we were developing to provide Hoke County coverage for mobile and web users. The site will be subscription-based to help us continue coverage of Hoke County, but our virus coverage is free.
We’re also continuing to publish an email-PDF version for our subscribers. If for some reason, we’re not able to produce a printed paper, it’s the next-best thing. 
We may close our office, but if so, we’ll work remotely, and you can reach us by phone or email.
In effect, we’re putting into effect our “hurricane plan,”—indefinitely—to bring you authoritative, carefully gathered news and information. You can aid us most greatly by becoming a subscriber, if you’re not one already. Just go to

Here’s how you can reach us:
Phone: 910-875-2121
• Publisher, Ken MacDonald
• Reporter, Catharin Shepard,
• Office Manager, Ashley Brock,
• Designer, Robin Huffman,
• Sales rep. Sue Ogas,
• Sports guy Ed Clemente,