[Letter] Letter: President Trump has done most for country, Mr. Frog Holler

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To the Editor:


I am writing this article in response to Mr. Frog Holler’s last week article.

First I am neither Democrat nor Republican and it’s always plain he hates Republicans, and always says so.

He doesn’t like President Trump. It is, I guess, his place to let everyone know to vote for a Democrat. Whoever runs. President Trump for three-and-a-half years has had to put up with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and all their nonsense, which has all been proven lies they have made it up and it has been proven he is not guilty. But they still do like they do against President Trump. Even now when he is trying to help the people out of work and businesses they made the bill only pass adding millions for the Kennedy Center and abortion whom the average person knows it has nothing to do with what’s going on now, and you, Mr. Frog Holler, wants them back into office. President Trump has done more for our country than any president in a very long time.

President Trump has other nations to pay tariffs they never have before and has succeeded. President Obama gave millions to Iran and let them have the five meanest men alive. President Trump has never apologized for us, the U.S., like President Obama did.

Now Mr. Frog Holler you want everyone to vote out what we have, and put in Vice President Biden, who don’t know what day it is, where he is, what he is running for or even who his own wife is and you want him, Nancy and Chuck to run this nation? Have you done anything to help the economy? You and your brother has given millions to Methodist College to have a building named for you. Also to the Raz Autry ball field. You brag about your trips and money but have you actually done anything to put food on anyone’s table? You are like some Democrats who say they don’t care if a billy goat runs they would run for him instead of a Republican.

I have never seen any articles about God or prayer or asking prayer for President Trump or the U.S.A.


Claudyne S. Brock