Letter: Stay home, but don’t ignore your health

To the Editor: We are in unprecedented times and must take unprecedented action. As a physician, I am urging you to stay home, shelter in place, and help us defeat coronavirus.  But it’s also important to continue to care for other aspects of your health.

North Carolina’s family physicians and pediatricians have quickly implemented telehealth — where you connect with your doctor through video or even a telephone call — so you can stay in touch with your medical home while preventing the spread of coronavirus.  Federal and state policy-makers, as well as private insurance companies, have made it much easier for doctors to provide care using technology.

Don’t skip your care.  We still need to check on you and make sure chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are under control and that your child’s development is on-track.  Your primary care physician knows you and knows your history. And now they can care for you virtually.  Give them a call and schedule a telehealth visit: it’s fast, easy and covered by most insurance. 

YOUR doctor is virtually in!
Karen L. Smith, MD
Past President,
NC Academy of Family Physicians