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To the Editor:

I am writing in reference to Ms. Claudyne S. Brock’s letter in The News-Journal May 6, 2020. She states she taught Bible School for 62 years. I wonder if she thinks it’s alright to separate young children from their parents and put them in overcrowded cages, grabbing women by their private parts, taking away health care coverage for millions of people, indecent language and lying all the time mostly. She also states someone would vote for a jackass.

Delbert Martin’s letter in the same edition of your paper says, “someone’s that has elections with donkeys and frogs.” In Ms. Brock’s previous letter to you, she stated that some Democrats say they would vote for a billy goat instead of a Republican. I stand by my statement published by you in my earlier letter that I would vote for a billy goat, regardless of party affiliation if he were the only opponent to the president, because of the above mentioned reasons and numerous others.

Ms. Brock’s letter state “Please don’t judge me again,” but it’s alright for her to judge Vice President Biden as not knowing “what day it is, where he is, what he is running for even who his own wife is.”

I wonder if there is a political party I am not aware of that has a donkey, jackass, billy goat and a frog on its ballot. I guess we will find out who or what our next president will be this November.

I cannot speak for Dr. Calvin McNeill’s purpose for mentioning Kool-Aid but if Ms. Brock will read author Jeff Guinn’s book, “The Road to Jonestown,” she will find out how it was used by Jim Jones and Peoples Temple.

Raymond Worrell

Ennice, N.C.

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