Top Girl Scout Cookie seller topped 1,500 boxes

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Kali Cosek of Raeford is the seller of Girl Scout cookies in Hoke County this year. Cosek sold 1,551 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the annual cookie program that ended in March. Brianna Fox of Raeford placed second with 918 boxes sold and Campbell Burt of Raeford placed third with 909 boxes sold. The 2020 Cookie Program was held January 11–March 1, 2020.

Being named a top seller goes beyond what’s in the box as it highlights a girl’s determination to set and achieve goals, develop business and financial literacy skills, and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit, a Girl Scout representative says. “This recognition also demonstrates a girl’s mastery of the five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics as she runs her very own cookie business.”

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the perfect opportunity for girls to develop important skills that they will use throughout their life while raising funds to support future leadership endeavors with Girl Scouts,” said Kelly Griffin, product sales director. “All of the girls that participated in the 2020 program made their own unique contribution, making them entrepreneurs in the largest girl-led business in the world, and we could not be prouder of them. We are excited to honor and celebrate the leaders of this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program.”

North Carolina Coastal Pines Girl Scouts sold more than 3 million boxes of cookies with approximately 11,000 Girl Scouts participating. Additionally, 350 girls sold more than 1,000 boxes each. Council-wide the average number of boxes sold per girl was 282. Nationally the average number of boxes sold by Girl Scouts is approximately 165.


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