County updating emergency declaration ordinance and curfew

Hoke County is updating its curfew, issued Sunday night, to remove language in the document that originally would have allowed “essential” businesses to remain open past curfew.

County Manager Letitia Edens said Monday the county planned to remove that wording as the state no longer designates some businesses as essential. County Attorney Grady Hunt confirmed that with the update, the curfew means retail businesses in Hoke County will have to shut down at 8 p.m.

Raeford City Manager Dennis Baxley confirmed Monday the city is planning a similar curfew.

The News-Journal will have more information on this developing story and the revised document will be available on the county’s website,

The county board held an emergency meeting Sunday to put the curfew into place, due to concerns of civil unrest in neighboring Cumberland County.

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