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To the Editor:

From a parent: I applaud Hoke County High! Many may have only seen a small portion but all the way down Bethel the teachers and staff had cars lined up and decorated! The stage wasn’t as small as it seemed! It was beautifully decorated, and the kids had a personal walkway to go down! Now I know many like the huge hoopla of regular graduations, but to me that’s so impersonal! This was personal! Each child stood out and was the center of attention for more than 15 seconds! I loved how it was done and so beautifully put together! Now yes it could’ve been where families could have stood beside the road and watched from there but that’s something small considering how well put together it was! I see a lot of posts on Facebook saying Hoke County High should have done this and that, and they are entitled to their opinion but I can say I’ll take that type of graduation over sitting in that hot stadium hours, barely being able to hear, and almost passing out from the heat! My son Zyaire enjoyed his graduation and it is one that will be remembered for years to come! I am proud to say Hoke County High showed out for the 2020 graduates!

Shameka McEachin


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