Eudy honored for 30 years in Environmental Health

Eudy honored for 30 years in Environmental Health
Eudy, center, with Rep. Garland Pierce who presented the Old North State Award at the Board of Health meeting held Monday night.

Former Hoke County Environmental Health Coordinator Jeff Eudy received the honor of the Old North State Award this week in recognition of his over 30 years of service in the field of Environmental Health.

Eudy retired from Hoke County in December, after a career that included 27 years with the county. The Board of Health celebrated his years of dedication to Environmental Health Tuesday night with the award presentation at a board meeting.

North Carolina Rep. Garland Pierce offered remarks at the presentation.

“I’m delighted tonight to share this honor and award with Mr.Eudy. Thank you, you play a very pivotal role in your position,” he said.

Eudy thanked the board for their support.

“Thank you Mellissa Ham who led the way in this, thank you Melissa. The time does fly by, it sure does, but I think of what has been going on with the pandemic in the last 12 months that everybody in here needs an award, y’all done an outstanding job,” Eudy said in comments at the presentation. “I think I have made a difference in EH (Environmental Health) and PH (Public Health), I think your actions on this board, they mean something and I sure appreciate this and thank you very much.”

The Old North State Award is presented by the governor “to recognize dedication and service beyond expectation and excellence to the Great State of North Carolina,” according to the award information. It is presented to employees with 20 or more years of service to the State of North Carolina.

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