Rockfish gets new traffic lights

Rockfish is getting some new traffic lights in problem areas known for vehicle accidents.

Davis Bridge Road at Arabia Road (at the Dollar General), and Gillis Hill Road at Lindsay Road are getting new traffic lights.

“It’s been overdue,” Rockfish resident and longtime supporter Larry Chason said.

Rockfish residents have organized for years to push for road improvements in the area due to safety concerns.

The Rockfish volunteer community board and the Rockfish Chamber of Commerce both celebrated the work to make the area safer for drivers.

Chason called the Davis Bridge Road intersection one of the “most troubled” in the county.

“It’s going to be a little bit safer because that is probably one of the most troubled intersections in Hoke County,” he said.

Rep. Garland Pierce, Sen. Tom McInnis and William “Brownie” Brown were among those who helped work with the NCDOT, Chason said. 

The Rockfish Chamber of Commerce posted photos of the work crews installing the lights, on the organization’s Facebook page.

“Work started at Gillis Hill Road and Lindsay Road today April 5, 2021. It was confirmed the crew will be working at least through Thursday, with good weather. Way to go Fulcher’s. Keep those lights coming,” the Rockfish Chamber of Commerce posted on Facebook, referring to Fulcher Electric which is doing the installation work.

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