Freedom Park is Tour of Honor stop

Raeford’s own Freedom Park will see lots more visitors in the coming months, as people travel to town to see the replica historic documents on display.

The park was selected as one of seven sites in North Carolina for people to visit on the Tour of Honor, a nationwide motorcycle ride.

The Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce noted that the park, located at the corner of Main Street and East Central Avenue in downtown Raeford, will be seeing lots of visitors stopping by this year.

“You’ll see a lot more motorcycles in the coming months, so be sure to welcome them and thank them for their service!” the Chamber noted in an email.

“Tour of Honor is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our nation’s heroes, and contribute to a few good charities. The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Beginning April 1, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose,” Tour of Honor organizers said on the group’s website. “2021 will have an all-new set of memorial sites to visit, with new roads and new experiences for any avid motorcyclist!”

Raeford’s Freedom Park is the fourth of seven stops on this year’s list of locations in North Carolina. The others locations include stops at places such as the Lost Boats Submarine Memorial in Burnsville, the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park in Mint Hill, the Life-Saving Station in Rodanthe and the Veterans Memorial in Roxboro.

The ride offers to award trophies to the first three riders to visit all of the memorials in a state or region. For more information on all the stops on the tour or how to participate, visit

The American Motorcyclist Association awarded the Tour of Honor the “Recreational Road Riding Organizer of the Year” recognition, according to the group’s website.

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