Have you seen ‘Snuggles’? Pet cockatiel is on the loose in East Hoke

Have you seen ‘Snuggles’? Pet cockatiel is on the loose in East Hoke

[Photo: Park and Snuggles (Submitted photo)]

A Halloween decoration proved to be too scary for an East Hoke resident’s pet cockatiel, and there’s a $1,000 reward offered to anyone who can get the beloved bird safely back home where she belongs.

Moon Park’s grey female cockatiel, Snuggles, got the fright of her feathered life around 2 p.m. Saturday, October 22. A “screeching, broom riding witch” Halloween decoration on the front door of Park’s home scared the four-year-old cockatiel so badly, she flew away.

“Snuggles was scared and disoriented when she ping-ponged out of the front porch and flew for the first time of her life, heading southeast from Fairfield Circle at the Westgate Subdivision, near Adcox Road and Lindsay Road, in Raeford, North Carolina,” Park wrote in a “missing bird” message.

Park has been searching for Snuggles every day since she vanished. She’s a domesticated cockatiel who isn’t suited for the wild life, Park said. By now the bird has “most likely run out of energy” and probably wants to stay near people, her owner said.

“I’m hoping best case scenario that someone caught her, is taking care of her at their home,” Park said.

The last reported possible sighting of the bird was last Monday in the Lindsay Farms subdivision in the area of Wayside Road and Fayetteville Road.

If anyone spots Snuggles, they might be able to get her to come to them by playing cockatiel flock call videos from YouTube, her owner said. Snuggles does know her name, but can be quiet and shy.

Park adopted the bird from her original owner, an elderly woman who raised Snuggles from the time she was just a few days old. The woman had developed a lung issue and could no longer care for her. Snuggles has been with Park since March of this year.

“It took me a month to bond with her and ever since then she’s been bonded with me,” Park said.

The bird is a beloved pet who is very much missed. “We are heartbroken and devastated by her loss,” Park wrote.

Anyone who has seen Snuggles or knows someone who may have seen her can call or text Park at (614) 843-3232.

“We are offering $1,000 reward for Snuggles’ safe return, no questions asked,” the missing bird notice said.

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