N.C. 211 widening to kick off in summer 2024

By Catharin Shepard • Editor • While 2023 saw the very beginnings of work to clear the way for widening N.C. 211 to a four-lane road between Raeford and Aberdeen, 2024 will see the start of the next phase of the project that’s been years in the making.

Questions among Hoke residents of “why did they remove those trees?” and “what happened to those houses on 211?” were common throughout 2023 as workers began clearing out the right-of-way where the road will go. Piles of logs and bare spots along the side of the road, heavy equipment parked off the shoulder and work crews in neon safety vests were a common sight. And, more signs of construction are on the way.

Just when will drivers traveling between Raeford and Aberdeen start seeing work take place for the next phase? When will work to the side of the road, turn into the type of roadwork that might mean travel delays?

Like a summer blockbuster, it’s coming this way around June or July.

After years of planning, design work and right-of-way purchase negotiations, construction is set to begin on the N.C. 211 widening project this summer. The work is due to start sometime after the U.S. Open golf tournament, which is scheduled for June 10-16 in 2024 at the famous Pinehurst No. 2 in Moore County.

Once all the spectators clear out after the event, drivers can start to expect delays when traveling N.C. 211 between Raeford and Aberdeen.

Duke Energy has been working to relocate parts of its infrastructure ahead of the roadway widening. The project also involves replacing and upgrading some Hoke County water system pipes with larger pipes, as part of a deal worked out several years ago by NCDOT and Hoke County local government.

As part of the project, there will be a number of changes in place for the sake of safety, according to Department of Transportation officials.

The N.C. 211 and Army Road intersection will have a signal with right and left turn lanes in both directions on N.C. 211. The road will have a median with concrete island for extra room and protection for left turns. Plank Road and Army Road will become right-turn only. Several roads will be realigned for safety, including Mockingbird Hill Road and Turnpike Road. The eastern end of Reservation Road will lose access to N.C. 211, but drivers can use King Road for access in that location.

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