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Candidate for Hoke County Board of Education 2020

1. Please tell voters a little about yourself, your background and experience.

My name is Keisha (Bronson) Gill and I have been a native of Hoke for about 35 years. I am the oldest daughter of Mr. Robert & Gladys Bronson.  I graduated from Hoke County High School in 1988.  I received my BS degree from NC A&TSU; MAM degree from Bellevue University; and HRM degree from Webster University.  

2. Why are you running for the school board?

I am running for the school board with the student being my ultimate goal.  Running for School Board gives me the opportunity to contribute and continue to improve my community, share my time and talent, representing different groups in the community, creating stronger ties, and quality education.   

3. If elected for an upcoming four-year term, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish?

New High School, Increasing Parent & Community Engagement, Increasing Teacher & Student Morale, Advancing our Exceptional Children’s Program, and Navigating Strategies for Academic Improvement

4. As a school board member, what will you do going forward to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on students and educators?

As a School Board Member, I would request that reports of COVID-19 cases be reported  by all principles in a timely manner when you have been made aware of positive case so that the School Board can continue to make safe decisions on keeping schools on remote learning or gradually reopening schools.  As a School Board Member we want to make sure we are keeping all of our children, parents, teacher’s, essential workers for the school, administrative staff, and community abruptly aware of any decisions being made as well as safety to avoid spreading the virus.

5. Would you support building a new high school? What about other school facilities?

I would support building a new school.  I would like to express that if a new High School can’t be built I would love to see the Gibson side under construction.  The Gibson side of Hoke County hasn’t had a face lift since I graduated in the 80’s.  Currently, Hoke County is steady building new housing developments which continues to increase the number of students attending the High School  Parents don’t have the option of requesting their child to attend another high school like the elementary and middle school parents.  I would see more outdoor equipment for our exceptional children program at all our schools.  I would love to see reconstruction with the football stadium at the high school and McDonald Gym.

6. What do you consider to be “student success,” and what are some ways to improve it in Hoke County Schools?

When teachers collaborate effectively to analyze student performance, create interventions for struggling students, and continue their own professional learning, they can increase their efficacy. When principals empower teachers to do what they know is best for kids, children learn more and teachers find more satisfaction in their work. Collaboration creates a win-win-win situation for students, teachers, and administrators.  I will say that in order for this to improve the teachers continue to need professional development in these areas to improve: relationships and academic programs for all students.

7. Is there anything in particular you would like to change about Hoke County Schools?

I would definitely be able to address this question once I am elected as a School Board Member being involved in the decision making for the Hoke County School system. 

8. Is there anything else you would like for voters to know about your views and goals?

I want to be that school board member that observe, listen to concerns and issues and addressing the problem, advocating for everyone looking for ways of continue improvement with our School System here in Hoke County.  I am looking forward to serving you and continue pushing for greatness in this County.  Please make sure to make Keisha Gill as one of your choices for the

9. If you have one, please provide a link to your campaign website or Facebook page that we can share with voters.

Facebook: Gill Campaign