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Candidate for Hoke County Board of Commissioners 2020

1. Please tell voters a little about yourself, your background and experience.

I am Lonnie Baldwin, 1971 graduate of Hoke County High School, Army veteran (Vietnam Era). 1982 Graduate Fayetteville Technical Community College Associate of Applied Science Degree(AAS) in Operational Management Technology. 25+ years working in Academic Libraries in Information Science Technology. Higher education level – Howard University, UNC-Pembroke, Fayetteville State University, Sandhills Youth Center (Department of Correction), Department of Defense Bragg Educational Training Center ( Fort Bragg campus). Most recently Classroom Evening Coordinator at Campbell University ( Fort Bragg campus).

2. Why are you running for the Commission?

I am running for the Commission for several reasons. After carefully reviewing the duties and responsibilities of a commissioner It was clear to me that setting the county property tax rates, adopting the budget each year, and assisting in county policies, resolutions, our local laws and ordinances. These are things that would affect our Quality of Life in and around our county. I am a perfect fit for the job and ready to be your next commissioner.

3. If elected for an upcoming four-year term, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish?

If elected, what I would like to accomplish First, and foremost is to identify with the needs of our communities on issues that will keep us moving in the right direction. Have a rewarding job growth that would facilitate the technical training programs being offered at the high school. We must start preparing our youth today for tomorrow. Continue to support our schools, seek ways to improve more access to Broadband in our County. Provide a safe and resourceful place for our area youth to gather and participate in a variety of activities for example: art, music, computer labs. We have very talented young people in our county.

4. As a Commissioner, what will you do going forward to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Hoke County?

Let me first say, may God bless those who have personally been affected by this pandemic at some point we all have.

As a Commissioner, we listen and follow the safety guidelines from our Public Health experts. Help our citizens and businesses that have suffered financially as government funds allow and encourage our citizens to take care of yourself and each other.

5. As a Commissioner, how will you encourage economic growth in Hoke?

As a Commissioner I would suggest improving our economic outlook by researching the job markets of companies that are seeking to lay out new markets. In order to encourage growth there must be a work force for the type of jobs you are looking to attract to Hoke County. We have to offer a labor force through job and technical training programs that will start economic growth.

6. Would you support funding a new high school? What about other county-funded construction projects?

Every time we educate a child, we provide them with the means to realize their fullest potential, fulfill their dreams and change the world. Funding should be based on a need and a discussion of using taxpayers dollars. Our taxpayers should have the last word. Our school board would have to submit plans outlining the wants and more importantly the need for a new high school and the cost! Other county-funded construction projects should be based on the

needs of Hoke County and its taxpayers in promoting good living in Hoke County.

7. Hoke County currently has a property tax rate of 73 cents per $100, and recent years the county’s general fund balance has grown to over $27 million. What steps would you support in managing the county finances from here?

Understanding the factors of the county finances that involve current operations, as well as capital projects, financing day to day expenses needed to run the county efficiently. I would control spending limited to essential items only. Personnel, supplies, materials, utilities, contracted services, upkeep of county facilities and as I stated before the needs of our communities. With the direction of our County Manager.

8. Is there anything else you would like for voters to know about your views and goals?

To the citizens of Hoke County we must decide what critical path to take in order to ensure our children and grandchildren a future they can depend on. Your choice is clear. Vote for a leader that will work for better paying jobs and wages, safer schools, safe communities, better roads for our communities. We must promote more programs that address entrepreneurship and innovation. Economic growth only comes by increasing the quality and quantities of the factors of production which consist of land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. I will work to keep your TRUST Hoke County.

9. If you have one, please provide a link to your campaign website or Facebook page that we can share with voters.

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